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Peer-reviewed publications

Lyrvall, J., Bakk, Z., Oser, J., & Di Mari, R. (In press). Bias-adjusted three-step multilevel latent class modeling with covariates. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal.

link to journal  accepted manuscript


Han, H., Baggetta, M., & Oser, J. (In press). Organizing and democracy: Understanding the possibilities for transformative collective action. Annual Review of Political Science.

[Expected publication date: Volume 27, June 2024]

Shamir, A., Oser, J., & Grinberg, N. (In press). Who is curating my feed? Characterizing political exposure of registered U.S. voters on Twitter. International Journal of Press/Politics. 

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Oser, J. (In press). Political efficacy. In M. Giugni & M. Grasso (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Political Sociology (pp. 388-390). Edward Elgar.

encyclopedia order  accepted manuscript

Di Mari, R., Bakk, Z., Oser, J., & Kuha, J. (2023). A two-step estimator for multilevel latent class analysis with covariates. Psychometrika, 88(4): 1144-1170. 

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Oser, J., Hooghe, M., Bakk, Z., & Di Mari, R. (2023). Changing citizenship norms among adolescents, 1999-2009-2016: A two-step latent class approach with measurement invariance testing. Quality & Quantity, 57(5), 4915–4933.

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Boulianne, S., Oser, J., & Hoffmann, C. P. (2023). Powerless in the digital age? A systematic review and meta-analysis of political efficacy and digital media use. New Media & Society, 25(9), 2512–2536.

link to journal  open access manuscript

Oser, J., Feitosa, F., & Dassonneville, R. (2023). Who feels they can understand and have an impact on political processes? Socio-demographic correlates of political efficacy in 46 countries, 1996-2016. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 35(2).

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Oser, J. (2022). How citizenship norms and digital media use affect political participation: A

two-wave panel analysis. Media and Communication, 10(3), 206-218.

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Oser, J., Grinson, A., Boulianne, S., & Halperin, E. (2022). How political efficacy relates to online and offline political participation: A multi-level meta-analysis. Political Communication. 39(5): 607-633.

link to journal  open access article

Oser, J. (2022). The effectiveness of different forms of participation. In M. Giugni & M. Grasso (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Participation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Oser, J. (2022). Protest as one political act in individuals’ participation repertoires: Latent class analysis and political participant types. American Behavioral Scientist, 66(4), 510-532.

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Bakk, Z., Di Mari, R., Oser, J., & Kuha, J. (2022). Two-stage multilevel latent class analysis with co-variates in the presence of direct effects. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 29(2), 267-277.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version

Dassonneville, R., Feitosa, F., Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2021). Policy responsiveness to all citizens or only to voters? A longitudinal analysis of policy responsiveness in OECD countries. European Journal of Political Research, 60(3), 583-602. 
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Oser, J. & Boulianne, S. (2020). Reinforcement effects between digital media use and political participation: A meta-analysis of repeated-wave panel data. Research Note. Public Opinion Quarterly.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  media (LSE USAPP)

Hooghe, M., Dassonneville, R., & Oser, J. (2019). Public opinion, turnout and social policy: A comparative analysis of policy congruence in European liberal democracies. Political Studies, 67(4): 992-1009.

link to journal  link to open access (OSF)  media (LSE Democratic Audit)

Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2018). Social and political citizenship in European public opinion: An empirical analysis of T.H. Marshall's concept of social rights. Government and Opposition, 53(4), 595-620. 

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix  

Oser, J., & Hooghe, M. (2018). Democratic ideals and levels of political participation: The role of political and social conceptualisations of democracy. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 20(3), 711-730. 
link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix 

Leighley, J., & Oser, J. (2018). Representation in an era of political and economic inequality: How and when citizen engagement matters. Perspectives on Politics, 16(2), 328-344. 

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  findings brief (SSN)  media (The Conversation)

Oser, J., & Hooghe, M. (2018). Give me your tired, your poor? Support for social citizenship rights in the United States and Europe. Sociological Perspectives. 61(1),14-38.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  findings brief (SSN)  media (LSE EUROPP) 

Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2017). Partisan strength, political trust and generalized trust in the United States: An analysis of the General Social Survey, 1972-2014. Social Science Research, 68, 132-146.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix  replication  media (LSE USAPP)

Oser, J. (2017). Assessing how participators combine acts in their “political tool kits”: A person-centered measurement approach for analyzing citizen participation. Social Indicators Research, 133(1), 235-258. 
link to journal  accepted manuscript version  media (LSE USAPP)

Hooghe, M., Marien, S., & Oser, J. (2017). Great expectations: The effect of democratic ideals on political trust in European democracies. Contemporary Politics, 23(2), 214-230.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix

Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2016). Trade union density and social expenditure: A longitudinal analysis of policy feedback effects in OECD countries, 1980-2010. Journal of European Public Policy, 23(10), 1520-1542. 

link to journal  accepted manuscript version

Hooghe, M., Oser, J., & Marien, S. (2016). A comparative analysis of “good citizenship”: A latent class analysis of adolescents’ citizenship norms in 38 countries. International Political Science Review, 37(1), 115-129. 

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix


Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2015). The electoral success of the Movimento 5 Stelle. An Example of a Left Populist Vote? Austrian Journal of Political Science, 44(4), 25-36.

link to journal  article to download

Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2015). Internet, television and social capital: The effect of screen time on social capital. Information, Communication and Society, 18(10), 1175-1199.

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Hooghe, M., & Oser, J. (2015). The rise of engaged citizenship: A comparison of citizenship norms among adolescents in 21 countries between 1999 and 2009. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 56(1), 29-52. 

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  appendix 1  appendix 2     

Oser, J., Leighley, J.E., & Winneg, K.M. (2014). Participation, online and otherwise: What's the difference for policy preferences? Social Science Quarterly, 95(5), 1259-1277.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  media (Washington Post)

Oser, J., & Hooghe, M. (2013). The evolution of citizenship norms among Scandinavian adolescents, 1999–2009. Scandinavian Political Studies, 36(4), 320-346.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version

Oser, J., Hooghe, M., & Marien, S. (2013). Is online participation distinct from offline participation? A latent class analysis of participation types and their stratification. Political Research Quarterly, 66(1), 91-101.

link to journal  accepted manuscript version  link to media (Washington Post)  link to findings brief (SSN)

Oser, J., Gadot-Perez, A., & Galnoor, I. (2013). Developing policy analysis “flight simulators” in different national settings. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 19(3), 461-477.

link to journal  

Oser, J. (2010). Between atomistic and participatory democracy. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 39(3), 429-459. 

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Oser, J. (2008). Why membership? Leverage, leadership and legitimacy in Israeli civil society. Civil Society and the Third Sector in Israel, 2(2), 53-85. [In Hebrew, peer-reviewed journal article; prior version of the NVSQ 2010 article for an Israeli audience].


Skocpol, T., & Oser, J. (2004). Organization despite adversity: ‎The origins and development of African American fraternal organizations. Social ‎Science History 28(3), 367-437.

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Refereed chapters in collective volumes


Oser, J., & Galnoor, I. (2016). Policy analysis evolution in Israel: Building administrative capacities. In G. Menahem & A. Zehavi (Eds.), Policy analysis in Israel (pp. 37-54). Bristol: Policy Press. 

link to download  link to google books chapter

Oser, J. (2013). Community in growth: Dr. Eilon Schwartz. In A. Oliver, A. de Shalit & T. Zilber (Eds.), Socially responsible leaders in Israeli society (pp. 103-118). Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press. [In Hebrew; chapter in edited volume of interviews of Israeli social leaders as a collective project of Hebrew University’s Hoffman Leadership and Responsibility Program Fellowship].

accepted manuscript version

Oser, J. (2012). Citizen involvement in setting public policy: Case of the 1998 public housing law. In I. Galnoor, J. Oser & A. Gadot-Perez (Eds.), The political environment of policy making in Israel (pp. 225-246). Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press. [In Hebrew; original case study commissioned for inclusion in the peer-reviewed textbook; author is one of the volume’s editors].

link to chapter


Gal, J., & Oser, J. (2011). A categorical immigration policy: Welfare, integration, and the production of inequality. In E. Carmel, A. Cerami & T. Papadopoulos (Eds.), Migration and welfare in the “new” Europe: Social protection and the challenges of integration (pp. 227-244). Bristol: Policy Press.

link to google books chapter

Skocpol, T., with Oser, J. (2006). The panorama of African American federations. In T. Skocpol, A. Liazos & M. Ganz (Eds.), What a mighty power we can be: African American fraternal groups and the struggle for racial equality (pp. 21-60). Princeton: Princeton University Press.

link to google books chapter ​ 

Skocpol, T. with Ganz, M., Munson, Z., Camp, B., Swers, M., & Oser, J. (1999). How Americans became civic. In M. P. Fiorina & T. Skocpol (Eds.), Civic engagement in American democracy (pp. 27-80). New York: The Brookings Institute.

link to google books chapter  



Editorship of collective volumes and journal issues

Besharov, D., & Oser, J. (2013). Policy analysis teaching in today's classroom: Symposium of APPAM teaching conference. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 19(3), 381-387. [Introduction to Symposium, co-edited by Besharov and Oser, based on the 2011 Teaching Workshop of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management].

link to journal  

Galnoor, I., Oser, J., & Gadot-Perez, A. (Eds.). (2012). The political environment of policy making in Israel. Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press. [In Hebrew; peer-reviewed textbook organized around original case studies; Oser and Gadot-Perez share second author credit, ordered alphabetically in Hebrew].

link to accepted manuscript

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